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Many illustrators I follow keep a blog at blogger, so I’ve finally decided to move mine to a new address and start over!

My new blog address is :


Yeah, a new illustration! I’m quite prolific recently, and there’re so many images I can’t show you yet!
This is an illustration I painted for a fantasy magazine that will feature my art in its next issue. I will give you more info asap! Honestly, the composition in this image is not very original, I took inspiration from a couple of my old illustrations: link and link ^____^ But well, I like the colors in it even though my scanner obviously made a mess with anything! The original is less gloomy and more ‘orange’ shaded ^_^

I also posted some wip on my flickr gallery!

Back in September of 2009, I was interviewed by Fantasy Art Magazine, a Chinese magazine. The interview and my art were featured in the October 2009 issue and yesterday I finally received my ‘paper’ copy of the magazine. And, wow! It’s so beautiful! It’s really worth the wait! Below, the interview with the illustrations.

A big thanks to Lizzy Craft for that!

And, yesterday I also received the copy of another great magazine featuring my art: Pasticcio Quartz, issue no. 8. Huge thanks to Angela and Sarah!
And a photo of the magazine, of course!

Edit: January 17th, 2010 – 07:42 PM
Just a little note to invite you to visit this new, marvelous blog from a very good friend of mine: It’s always Tea Time!

The first of two interviews I did recently for a couple of Chinese magazines. This one is for an online magazine and the whole issue, including my interview, can be downloaded there [the site is of course in Chinese].
Below, a extract from it.


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