Well, I have my illustrations traced, my style copied in many *horrible* ways but recently I found online (what a surprise!)  a person who simply copied details from my own artwork and pasted them in ‘her’ drawings! Why spend time trying to achieve a style or a technique when you can simply cut portions of an artist’s  images and make them part of your drawings by claiming it’s your own creation?…no comment…

And, please, don’t tell me that means people like my work….this is just a meanness and I really feel tired of the whole thing.

That said, here an example of how will be my next copyright mark ^_^ (I’m a little bit sarcastic, but really I’m thinking to get very unkind to those persons!)

A word to the wise is enough…. I hope (this is a ‘subliminal’ message to the person who actually cut and pasted the background of the above illustration in her work)!