As many of you have noticed (and consequently commented on it) I recently started posting again artwork to my online galleries, even the ones I don’t like very much, like for example my deaviantArt gallery ^_^ By reading your recent messages (thank you again for being so lovely!) I’ve realized many thought I stopped drawing for awhile, due to the fact I didn’t update my pages often as in the past. Well, actually I was quite busy recently because of my move to Rome, but believe me, I have not stopped drawing ^_^ On the contrary, I can say that I’ve never drawn so much as in the past year. But, since it was basically work done for the artbook or for some new exciting projects which I hope to tell you more soon, I couldn’t upload the new illustrations online. And, frankly I didn’t and I don’t have time to run my online galleries. I think that now it’s more important to me to focus on my artwork and all these projects than trying to be the coolest one online by having one dozen millions of pagehits on deviantArt.
Probably it’s just me but I think we should propose more ‘admirable’ objects to ourselves both as artists and well…human beings, maybe? And…I’ll never been the coolest, btw ^_^

Again, thank you very much for all your comments and notes…maybe sometime I’ll find the time to write back to anyone (be sure I read all your mails, btw)!