Sketch for the new cover of ‘Precious Things’:

Don’t worry, “The Secret Life of Daydreamers” will be included in the art-book. I’ve just decided to use a more recent painting of mine for the book cover.

I usually tend to underestimate my capabilities as illustrator and literally get depressed any time people ask me when the art-book will be out, when I will write back to their mails, when I will complete the interview they sent me, when I will post a new entry on the blog, when the sketches they ask me for will finished, etc, etc…
Well, it’s time to stop being in low spirits! Recently and I mean, months ago, I commissioned illustrations to a couple of my favourite traditional artists. Yes, I’m also like buying pieces of art from the people I admire ^_^ Unfortunately, in many cases, I can’t afford the price of original paintings, sigh! Anyway, I’m speaking about persons who, unlike me, work full-time as professional artists. Well, I’m still waiting for the first sketches. Of course, this is not a criticism, only an observation. That said, I’ve realized that I should start estimate me and what I do differently. Even though I have a full-time office job not related with art, I often can draw and paint like who makes his/her living as artist. Of course, if I was a professional illustrator, I could draw much more and much better ^_^ and if English was my mother-tongue I could give interviews sooner (just because it seems only English-speakers are interested in interviewing me). And if I had more free time I would write more posts.
Then, in 2008 I also moved to another city, changed my job, and I did a lot of things without stopping drawing. So, from now on I will not complain and apologize anymore. Do you think I’m late with the art-book and such things…well, accept the inevitable!