First, the preliminary sketch of an illustration I will use for the new layout of my website:


And detail (final piece will be quite large) of another illustration done for a upcoming art show:


Frankly, I’m very surprised to have been invited for the second time to join a group exhibition. I don’t think my art is suitable for shows. Not enough morbid, not enough sensual or perverse. And, by seeing what recently galleries are looking for, morbidity/pervertion is the main theme of the 99% of exhibitions.
I sometimes have this vague idea to see always the same subjects done by using different techniques. Maybe I’m paranoiac. And, it’s quite obvious that art is not my business, isn’t it? I should draw more nudes! ^_^

Anyway, I’ll keep you informed about the art show…
And, if you’re looking for an original painting of mine to purchase, “Lady in Blue” is still available there.