I often receive mails and notes relating to what usually inspires me when working on new illustrations. Speaking honestly, I’m easily suggestable ^_^ anyway, books and music are probably my main source for inspiration. So, here a short list of recently bought novels and CD albums (Italian version/translation of course ^_^).


‘Da Solo’  by Vinicio Capossela
‘Me and Armini’ by Emiliana Torrini

Novels and short tales:

‘Un luogo senza Tempo’ by Doris Lessing. A collection of short stories.

‘Il Libro delle Cose Perdute’ by John Connolly. Original title » The Book of Lost Things.

‘Tu e un quarto’ by Jonathan Carroll. Original title » The Panic Hand.

‘Tre Storie Fantastiche’ by A.S. Byatt. Original titles» . The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye . The Story of the Eldest Princess . Dragon’s Breath

‘Pan’ by Francesco Dimitri

Illustrated books:

Il Mistero delle Antiche Creature‘ by Mattotti/Kramsky