A new drawing I’m working on in these days. Actually this is just a very small preview of the first sketch and the final piece will be very different, I think. I don’t know if you have recognized them but it’s a portrait of Soledad and Olimpia, from Voodoo Child project. I didn’t have so much time for my personal projects lately and I suppose that I don’t have time for them even in the future! Anyway, I had this illustration to complete for ‘Precious Things’ art-book and I’ve decided to use both of them as models ^_^ As you probably have noticed, they look like differently than the last portraits of them I drew. I took inspiration from 30ties old, vintage photos. I think the new look is quite nice even though I should work more on the ‘new’ Olimpia. Speaking honestly I get enough of all these girls having black and purple hair … deviantart is full of this kind of female characters ^_^ And since Olimpia is also on the cover of ‘Gothic Art Now‘, I suppose in the next months there will be an ‘increase’ of images featuring similar gothic girls. So, it’s time for a change ^_^

Soledad and Olimpia - december 2008