As usual I don’t have time to add new entries, I’m spending all my spare time drawing! Probably you already know about my last illustrations (if you sometimes have a look at my site or my online galleries).  Anyway, below the thumbnails and the links to the larger images:

– ‘Little Hearth’, a commissioned image from the musician Ken Young –

– ‘Reminiscences’. Another illustration based on the ‘Scarletine’ project by Audley –

I’ve re-started posting images on my dA gallery. I’m working on many projects involving talented people who apparently have a better opinion about deviantArt than me ^_^. Even though all the stuff not related with dA will be available only on my website.
I hope you all spent a wonderful holiday time and I wish the New Year will be great. Mine seems to have started in a very positive way…I’ll tell you more asap!