The whole interview was of course longer however the missing questions are quite the same you can read in different online interviews I gave in the past.
I suppose you might be interested in reading the following, btw ^_^

-You work with a vivid manga style, why you work this way instead a more classic comic/illustration styles? Why manga work better for you?
I’m basically self-taught. I’ve ‘learned’ how to draw by reading literally tons of comic books and mangas since I was very young. My parents love comics too and they have always encouraged me to read them. My passion for mangas came when I was a teenager and Japanese comic books became popular in Italy. Then, when I was at University I spent almost a year in Tokyo so I had many chances to get in touch directly with the local ‘manga’ circles. I don’t think Japanese comic books work better for me, I only had experienced and had knowledge in them more than other styles. Anyway, recently I’ve directed my attention to different genres of comics, I don’t read mangas so often than in the past…

– What do you think about manga in business? It looks like it grows and grows and don’t let space for other styles… great artist like MOEBIOUS (Jean Geraud) said lot of bad things about manga influence in young artist and readers… What do you think about it?
Saying that manga style is not letting space for different drawing styles is like saying that digital artwork is outclassing traditional one. Quite nonsense in my opinion. In both cases, manga style and digital media, my opinion is they’re just different ways to express yourself artistically. I don’t think they’re better or worst than something else. Personally, I prefer to do not use a computer graphic program to draw and color my illustrations, and my style is strongly influenced by anime for the reason I’ve above mentioned but it’s just a personal choice. Even though MOEBIOUS is a great master and he can practically say anything, I don’t understand why so many established artists are hostile to manga comics. Personally, I don’t like a very realistic style of drawing, that you can see often in American and European comic books, however I think it’s a matter of what I like or dislike and…personal tastes should not be remarkable if we are talking about artistic quality. The problem is only if a comic book is good or not, if the story is interesting or not, if it’s drawn in a good way or not, if it communicates something or not…afterwards, if it’s a manga, a graphic novel or a Franco-Belgian comic well, who cares? ^_^
Finally, it’s my opinion a large variety of different styles and genres are now present in the industry of comic books, mangas are not the only source of inspiration for young cartoonists but one of many. I remember when I was a teen it was really hard to find so many different kind of comics. Both themes and styles were very limited. More than the present. In fact, recently I’ve stopped buying mangas, because at the moment I’m more interested in different techniques and modes of expression and frankly I have no troubles to find good comic books or graphic novels made by young artists who apparently are not influenced by the drawing style of Japanese sequential works.
Of course, if drawing in manga style means to just copy and trace the mode of an artist because is “cool” or it means making bad quality products well, I agree with MOEBIOUS. Otherwise, why being against manga illustrators?

I think in the future I will not give interviews so easily. I’m still waiting for some news about 3 interviews done the last summer…