As probably some of you know, since the past Autumn, I’ve started taking some drawing and painting lessons. Well, finally ^_^
Recently, I’ve been focusing myself on oil painting that I think is just an incredible technique, I love it! Probably I will post some pieces of mine soon! Anyway, despite the fact oil is the best painting technique I’ve ever learned in all my life – it seems I’m quite enthusiastic about it, doesn’t it? – unfortunately you should wait for ‘days’ to leave the first layers to dry, before applying more details or layers. That said, I usually leave my canvas and the paintings in progress in the classroom – like all the students actually do. And well, one of my almost completed paintings has been stolen! It’s a ‘still life’ image – not a very interesting subject I know, but my teacher is forced me to paint these themes in order to learn the techniques – and frankly I don’t think it’s a masterpiece or something. Speaking honestly, I got a lot of compliments for it, but well, you know, it was the second oil painting in all my life and I’m a perfectionist so…I know my next pieces will be definitely better than it. Anyway, I’m so angry about that! I can’t understand why people is so stupid to steal a painting made by an art student! Ok, it was a nice piece but well, that’s not an excuse!

Argh, if I post stuff online people copy my ideas and style, if I take art lessons, people steal my original pieces…what I have to do? Maybe I should start showing my best illustrations only to friends and relatives…I feel so angry!