I’m working on several illustrations in these days so stay tuned for new art soon!

Other news, finally I saw ‘Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea’ and I loved it! The movie was in theaters some weeks ago but I missed it. Luckily, the past week I had the chance to see the film at ‘Cinema dei Piccoli’, a very nice place situated in Villa Borghese Gardens. It’s a very small cinema – literally a place for children as its Italian name does suggest – a small wooden house in the Gardens. The perfect place for seeing that movie!


And, tomorrow is my birthday, yeah! I’ve decided to spend the day doing things I usually can’t do…I’m on vacation so no office – yes, yes – but also no drawing! I mean, when I’m not at office I usually spend the time drawing, I think I need to take a pause from full-time job, part-time job and internet!
I think I’ll finally sleep all the day… ^_^