Yeah, a new sketch of my favourite girl after so long! I think it’s time I try to organize all the ‘Voodoo Child’ stuff and start working on it more seriously – especially because many things have changed in the latest years and now I think of this project in a completely different way. But, you know, TIME!!!! I need more time! Or probably I simply need to stop thinking of new projects, characters, comic ideas, graphic novels, illustrations and whatever practically any minute! There’s a crazy circus in my head, really!

Other news, just because my painting lessons are finished – for the summer holidays – I will attend a course of photography beginning from the next week. The subject of the course focuses on ‘Travels Photography’, that I think it’s very interesting, especially to me ^_^ You know, I love travelling!

And you can read a new online interview there » link. It’s all about deviantArt so probably many of you are not really interested in it but Miss Cookie posted a wonderful profile of mine and my life with fossils that should be read, definitely! ^_^