I will post new entries soon, I have been busy with a lot of things recently – not related with art, btw – and I’ve neglected a little bit my blog!

Last news: I got my Indian visa the past week and the countdown to my trip’s departure has started! As you can imagine, I’m very excited!

I’m very busy with my photography course, also. I like it, I’m learning so much about my camera – a Canon PowerShot A620 that I’m seriously re-estimating in these days – and photos that I spend all my free time taking pictures here and there! I will post soon shots on Flickr!

I redid a little bit the layout of my website. I like the last version, it’s clean and – hopefully – easier to navigate than past designs I made. Any suggestions about it is of course welcome!

Finally, I will update soon with new art and art news, meantime I suggest you to visit this blog » link. It’s about 18th century and run by one of my fav artists ever, Johanna Ost. It’s full off information, fashion, photos and images all related with the wonderful 18th century, of course! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, fans of Marie Antoniette!