The idea of painting some illustrations based on popular old folktales came to me when I worked on the images for the ‘Art of Faery’ art-book, some years ago. Firstly, I thought of making illustrations from fairytales most than folktales that usually are bawdy and often violent – not children’s stories actually. In the past I’ve tried to involve other artists in this project. But for several reasons it seems that the idea of a collaborative project isn’t the good one – I mean, people usually stop write back to me as soon as I mention the project ^_________^. Then, I was lucky enough to recently work on similar projects and I put off my plans for awhile.
In these days, I’ve started thinking again of it and finally I’ve decided to start working seriously on my ‘Folk Tales’ project. The first illustrations will be based on some of my favourite tales from the wonderful collection compiled by Italo Calvino. And then…maybe some new original tales could be illustrated! I should say it will be a project I can devote myself to only in my spare time but I think to seriously try to find a publisher for it, finally. That said, if someone is interested in it, don’t hesitate to drop me a line ^_- I need your support!