I’m currently working on several art projects, as you know ^_^ This is also the main reason I can’t update often my pages and I’m rarely online….as a matter of fact I think to delete some accounts of mine as the Twitter for example. Too many things to do, so few time to follow and keep updated all my pages/galleries/silly things…better waste my time drawing than chatting or networking ^__^
Talking about art, a couple of the current projects are based on personal storyboards/concepts – looking for an editor – others are collaborations with talented artists.
Below two sketches for a Paper Doll I did. They’re based on ‘The Umbrella Waltz‘ song by Emily Jayne and one of them will be included in the booklet of her upcoming album. I’m still working on them and at the moment I don’t know which one will be selected for the album. The first sketch is more cartoon-ish and for the girl dress I took inspiration from early XIX century bath dresses when the second is more romantic and melancholic and the doll wears the typical ball dress.



And a fanart based on the Erth Chronicles by Richard Johnson. Rich asked me for a drawing based on his novel, months ago… and I could finally work on it few days ago! This is just a preview of the final piece: I should add a lot of details yet!
newtonian-erth chronicles

And finally, a small fairy drawing that will be soon for sale on my shop!