Merry Christmas, again!

So, I’m on holiday and of course I have starting thinking of how to conquer the world ^___________^
Actually, today I need your help so, here I’m to trouble you with my silly questions! As many of you know, I published my first book of illustration almost a year ago. It was a Limited Edition Print, sold in just few weeks. Many of you couldn’t actually get a copy of it and by popular request I think to publish another book of illustrations within the end of 2010 – hopefully before next Summer. I think of self-publishing it and I’m looking for good advices, trips, suggestions from fellow artists who already have tried to print their own art-books by using online services as the ones available on, for example. My main trouble is finding a good print service, obviously not so expensive!

Ok, you have all the Christmas holidays to think about that and give me advices ^_^

Thank you!