A painting I did some months ago for a wonderful charity project I was invited to take part in by a fellow deviant. I actually posted the image on my website, but it’s time to give you a little bit of explanation about the whole thing ^_^

Colors‘ is an incredible project and, most important, involves a lot of very talented artists…so, you don’t waste your money by buying a copy of the book ^_^ And not because of my silly entry, of course!

Well, about the illustration. I chose the Pink color and I decided to draw a piece featuring two of my most loved characters: Soledad and Edgar. It was a good opportunity to paint them again, after sooooooo long…probably some of you still remember of them from my very old art! I suppose the painting is a sort of picture taken in the Twenties… I like those years! And I tried to make it more ‘retro’ I could ^_^

So, go buying a copy of the book! It’s really for a good cause!