Ok, despite the fact this comic has just few female characters, the first post on this project is about one of them. Honestly, I had to update my homepage and since I usually use a cute girl image in the front page, I thought to kill two birds with one stone – poor birds! – and I painted Alma from this new comic by me!
Alma is actually the main female character and she’s the Cloud Maiden. If you are familiar with my art or my hobbies, you know Alma is one of the ‘oldest’ characters of mine, I also have a BJD having her features! I will post an entry about that doll sooner ^_-
In this illustration she looks very young but she’s about 23 years old in the comic.
That’s all for the moment, stay tuned if you’re curious to know how it ends up ^_^ Hmmm, and yes, it’s a comic with some hystorical references though is not a proper hystoric fiction…more info soon!