The 2009 was a weird year. I started working on several collaborative projects, some of them were about comic books. I made a loose allusion to them in this blog but because it seems authors want always to act in top secrecy, I could show online just few of the images I did.
I like collaborating with other artists and I accepted to work on those projects with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, a whole year passed and now I think I should shelve a couple of these comics. I’m not totally sure because a lot of time passed since the authors of both the stories contacted me. I was of course disappointed at not going on with these projects but I think anything can help to improve and to gain experience especially the bad events.
When I was a little girl I sometimes dreamt of becoming a comic illustrator one day and I was used to make up a lot of stories that sooner or later I would had been good enough to illustrate. Well, after so much time I think it’s the moment to start drawing my own stories.
This long preamble to say I have a new page online – yes, another one ^_^ – and it’s all about my personal comic book project.
I have not posted anything interesting yet, but it’s just a matter of time – I must complete some commissions before…..
I also updated my website. I didn’t add any new illustrations, I just arranged a little bit all the stuff.