It’s time to give you a little bit of explanation about this comic. I will post more detailed information as I upload sketches, illustrations, panels and concept art but here a short introduction.
In its outlines, the comic is about two families’ events and takes place in an era having strong references on European history at the end of 18th century. I suppose it could be included somewhere in the historical fantasy, epic realms of fiction ^____^ But, it’s not an alternative version of the history as we know it. Many of the fictional places are based on real ones but none of the characters represents anyone who ever actually existed. The comic is set in a completely fictitious world, but because I like talking about history and I especially like those years of European history – I mean, end of 18th century/beginning of 19th century – you can find some real places and references to that era in the comic.
I also think to post books and web resources I’ve found helpful and interesting in creating this comic. Some links are in the left sidebar.

It’s also a story about a war, with lot of fights, action, battles and of course male characters! That will be really a challenge as you know I usually draw girls and faeries and all those cute things ^_^ Honestly, many of my illustrations are based on requests/commissions and I should add it’s easier for me to draw subjects like those but well….you will not improve if you only do what you know better! And I think it’s time I try drawing something more challenging!
Cheer for me ^_^