Ok, it’s time to start with some sketches and doodles! I’m trying to keep this blog updated quite often but as usual, fate conspired against me and my current schedule involves some days doing paid work, and lot of work at office – at least for the next week! After that, I’m planning for drawing a lot of ‘Cloud’ stuff! Also, because at the moment there’s no publisher related to this project, I can talk about it as much as I want to! Honestly, some friends have suggested me to keep the story secret or at least to do not talk TOO much about it ^_^ Well, let’s see… Another good news is I have been invited to join a Group Art Show in Sweden. It’s an event involving young authors and comickers so I think it could be a nice way to promote The Cloud Maiden project! That said, I MUST drawing and painting a lot in the next weeks, since the show is at the end of April! And of course I will post here sketches, and WIPs!
Below a couple of sketches. The first one is a small drawing I did of Alma. She’s quite young in this drawing but it’s just a quick sketch I did in spare time and found yesterday in a old sketchbook of mine ^_^

And, the basic sketch for a more detailed illustration featuring Marco, who’s the eldest brother of Alma. As for the previous sketch of Alma, I drew him younger than his actual age in the comic story – he’s about 26 years old. But because I think to recount often events that happened prior to the story’s primary sequence of episodes, I’ve decided to start showing on this blog drawings of younger characters.