Woha, I’m so happy the weekend finally is arrived! The past one was a truly nightmare week for me! I was the ‘boss’ at office – well, just for one week, luckily, and I hope it was the first and the last time I had to do that! As a matter of fact, I spent the days and the nights worried about Transferable Documentary Credits for millions of Euros, multimodal bills of lading and articles from the Uniform Commercial Code, etc, etc. Really, I was so tired! International Trade will kill me one day ^____^ Ahahah, I should make a comic about it: Nati VS the Evil Trade !!!!

Anyway, today is another day and well, I just want to spent the weekend drawing and drawing! I have been invited to submit my art/comic pages for an art show @ Vinca Minor, a gallery in Stockolm. The show will open at the end of April and if you are interested in having more info about it, just follow my “The Cloud Maiden” blog. The show will be all about comics and I think it’s a good chance to start promoting my new comic project ^_^

And new interviews for magazines and blogs…I tell you more soon!