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Many illustrators I follow keep a blog at blogger, so I’ve finally decided to move mine to a new address and start over!

My new blog address is :



Yeah, a new illustration! I’m quite prolific recently, and there’re so many images I can’t show you yet!
This is an illustration I painted for a fantasy magazine that will feature my art in its next issue. I will give you more info asap! Honestly, the composition in this image is not very original, I took inspiration from a couple of my old illustrations: link and link ^____^ But well, I like the colors in it even though my scanner obviously made a mess with anything! The original is less gloomy and more ‘orange’ shaded ^_^

I also posted some wip on my flickr gallery!

Back in September of 2009, I was interviewed by Fantasy Art Magazine, a Chinese magazine. The interview and my art were featured in the October 2009 issue and yesterday I finally received my ‘paper’ copy of the magazine. And, wow! It’s so beautiful! It’s really worth the wait! Below, the interview with the illustrations.

A big thanks to Lizzy Craft for that!

And, yesterday I also received the copy of another great magazine featuring my art: Pasticcio Quartz, issue no. 8. Huge thanks to Angela and Sarah!
And a photo of the magazine, of course!

Edit: January 17th, 2010 – 07:42 PM
Just a little note to invite you to visit this new, marvelous blog from a very good friend of mine: It’s always Tea Time!

The first of two interviews I did recently for a couple of Chinese magazines. This one is for an online magazine and the whole issue, including my interview, can be downloaded there [the site is of course in Chinese].
Below, a extract from it.

I moved all the illustrations/stuff done before 2008 to my archive gallery on Flickr. In this way you can leave comments on old images while on my website you find only the recently done images plus the art for Precious Things art-book. And I deleted my Twitter account, one tweet in a month or more – like I’m used to do – is practically nonsense if you have an account there ^____^

First off, a big thanks to the people who contacted me in the latest few days because of the earthquake in Central Italy. I’m fine and my family too. I was in Rome and even though tremors were felt there too – btw Rome is not a seismic area, unlike my hometown – I’m ok. Again, thank you very much all!

I updated my website, new layout and also added all the illustrations especially done for ‘Precious Things’ art-book. So, if you missed the chance to buy a copy of it, at least you can see online all the special images I drew!
Very busy in these days, I apologize for not being online very often as in the past, sorry!