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I will post online all the illustrations on April 25th, opening of the show!


One of many ^_^ All the images painted for the show will be online the 25th of April, opening of the show!

Just a quick post to let you know I’m working on the illustrations for the Illustration/Comic themed Show at Vinca Minor Gallery in Sweden. I have been invited to join this exhibition featuring other talented female illustrators in collaboration with the Small Press Expo in Stockholm. I’m very excited about the whole thing and I’m painting 5 new illustrations plus a couple of comic pages from my latest project “The Cloud Maiden”, please visit this page for more info and previews! Opening will be on April 25th!

Working on the illustrations for the show…

Yep, another sketch…and a little bit of India, of course ^_-

And the second sketch! I know, after the ‘Avatar’ movie, drawing anything flying in the sky sounds a little bit ‘obvious’! But, if you are familiar with my work, you know how I like that fantasy theme, despite any recent sci-fi movies! ^_^

I have been invited to submit my work to a collective illustrations/comics themed show at Vinca Minor Gallery – Sweden. I thought to send images/pages from the Cloud Maiden project.
The show starts April 25th and it will be advertised at Small Press Expo in Stockholm. I will post more info asap!
Meantime…the first sketch! More sketches and previews are to come!
The idea for this drawing is based on a old illustration of mineĀ» link. Girls having Extrasensory Perceptions Powers, how amazing! ^____^