I have been invited to submit my work to a collective illustrations/comics themed show at Vinca Minor Gallery – Sweden. I thought to send images/pages from the Cloud Maiden project.
The show starts April 25th and it will be advertised at Small Press Expo in Stockholm. I will post more info asap!
Meantime…the first sketch! More sketches and previews are to come!
The idea for this drawing is based on a old illustration of mineĀ» link. Girls having Extrasensory Perceptions Powers, how amazing! ^____^


Yeah, a new illustration! I’m quite prolific recently, and there’re so many images I can’t show you yet!
This is an illustration I painted for a fantasy magazine that will feature my art in its next issue. I will give you more info asap! Honestly, the composition in this image is not very original, I took inspiration from a couple of my old illustrations: link and link ^____^ But well, I like the colors in it even though my scanner obviously made a mess with anything! The original is less gloomy and more ‘orange’ shaded ^_^

I also posted some wip on my flickr gallery!

Finally, I completed my ‘Little Mermaid’ illustration! Hurrah!!!
I should thank Isabelle for commissioning me this piece and for being so patient with me ^___^ She actually contacted me about this commission almost 2 years ago! I can’t believe she could wait for so long until I was able to finally start doing it! Thank you!

And, I’m re-arranging my gallery at Flickr. I will delete a lot of stuff to focus the page more on my art than …. something else! So, don’t get worried if you don’t find old pictures/photos. I probably deleted them!

Ok, following my schedule, I had to finish two commissioned pieces in this weekend but it seems I could only complete this one:

It’s a painting based on a very old image of mine, having the same title and almost the same theme and colors. And a fairy based painting after some time! I also posted some WIP of it on my flickr gallery, just for the curious people!
I like this one a lot, it’s a pity I should give it away ^_^

A small preview of a series of three commissioned illustrations done in the past days:

And the final sketch for a Little Mermaid and the Prince commission. I did it nth times but I really want it comes out perfect, at least this is my intention! ‘Little Mermaid’ is my favourite fairy-tale from the classic ones. And of course I don’t refer to the meaningless Disney cartoon! You can’t imagine how I hate that movie ^_^
Btw, I think I’m too much perfectionist to work on commissioned pieces! It takes me ages to complete even the simplest sketch!

Woha, I’m so happy the weekend finally is arrived! The past one was a truly nightmare week for me! I was the ‘boss’ at office – well, just for one week, luckily, and I hope it was the first and the last time I had to do that! As a matter of fact, I spent the days and the nights worried about Transferable Documentary Credits for millions of Euros, multimodal bills of lading and articles from the Uniform Commercial Code, etc, etc. Really, I was so tired! International Trade will kill me one day ^____^ Ahahah, I should make a comic about it: Nati VS the Evil Trade !!!!

Anyway, today is another day and well, I just want to spent the weekend drawing and drawing! I have been invited to submit my art/comic pages for an art show @ Vinca Minor, a gallery in Stockolm. The show will open at the end of April and if you are interested in having more info about it, just follow my “The Cloud Maiden” blog. The show will be all about comics and I think it’s a good chance to start promoting my new comic project ^_^

And new interviews for magazines and blogs…I tell you more soon!